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Congratulations to another one of our great manufacturers, 9 to 5 Seating! 9to5 Seating is proud to announce that the Mila conference and executive chair has received a Product Innovations award from BUILDINGS Media. The product is a member of an elite group of products that will be showcased in the August 2018 issue of BUILDINGS.

Worker Effectiveness and the Role of Place

By Jan Johnson via AllSteel

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Many people have recognized the power our workplaces hold over our daily actions and interactions, and perceptions about our work. However, it is not broadly understood how our workplaces shape our behavior and what these insights might mean for knowledge worker performance. An expansive approach to the workplace is required to go beyond what is physically known, to the science behind the factors that influence our everyday experiences.

12 awesome offices reveal what work will look like in the future

by Rachel Gillett via Business Insider 

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If your vision for the future workplace is a drab, cold warehouse sparsely dotted with drone employees, think again. Over the next decade and beyond, workplaces will be geared more towards the needs of its employees, which will mean a diverse mix of spaces, furniture, and amenities, experts say. 

Movi™ Nester from SitOnIt Seating Wins Multiple Awards at NeoCon 2018

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Congratulations to one of our manufacturers on their new award! SitOnIt Seating’s recently launched Movi, a lightweight flexing nester with a slim, modern frame, was welcomed with high acclaim at NeoCon 50. The California-based seating brand’s new ergonomic chair took home high honors, nabbing Contract Magazine’s “Best of NeoCon” awards in Gold and Silver for the Stacked Seating and Educational Solutions categories.

Change Management

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It is human nature to resist change – fear of the unknown generally insights stress and causes us to imagine negative outcomes. No matter the scale, this occurs with change in the workplace as well. A Change Management Program that engages employees early in the project, outlines why the change is happening, how it will benefit them and the organization, and defines the support that will be provided can mitigate most of the resistance ensuring the outcomes are more successful.

See Our Work: V. Alexander

Office Interiors is proud to show off the completed work of one of our most favorite projects! V. Alexander, one of the world’s most valued independent cargo dynamics providers, retained Office Interiors to outfit its Global Headquarters here in Memphis. From private offices, break rooms, conference rooms to the stunning lobby, our team at Office Interiors ensured V. Alexander's office space is efficient, comfortable and durable. This office certainly aligns with the company's value of maintaining a professional image. Thank you, V. Alexander!

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About V. Alexander

V. Alexander’s vision is to be the world’s most valued independent cargo dynamics provider. Being the most valued requires developing the most effective technology and systems, hiring and training the most qualified people, pioneering new solutions for our industry, and adding value to everything we do. 

V. Alexander is dedicated to achieving excellence in our industry by contributing to the success of our customers, our staff, and our vendors. We do this by insisting that each and every transaction with which we are involved employs our very best tools, people and technologies, and strive to improve each of these on a daily basis.

Office Interiors completes furnishings for Collierville's $94M project


Monday morning, Collierville High School students started their 2018-2019 school year in a new, state-of-the-art facility, the largest high school in the state. School leadership retained Office Interiors of Memphis to assist with all of the furniture for the school's administration offices, auditoriums, library, conference rooms, outdoor courtyard and the athletic complex. We are proud of this project and the opportunity to partner with one of our community's greatest assets!

Ranked among the nation’s top schools by U. S. News and World Report and the seventh best school in Tennessee, Collierville High School invested $94 million in the facility, which features a state-of-the-art library with a wall of windows, much wider hallways, a 3,000-seat gymnasium, and even a special walkway to the sports complex. It'll feature an indoor practice facility with artificial turf inside and the new cafeteria will seat a thousand students.

The Workplace Is Changing Thanks To Tech

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As little as five years ago, most workplaces and office spaces were still stuck in the past, all but using Spinning Jenny’s to get things done. But fast forward to now and buzzwords like virtual spaces, voice control and virtual reality technologies are no longer things you’d find in the Minority Report but everyday additions to the modern world.