Product Feature: Kimball's Theo

Inspired by an admiration of Mid-Century Modern furniture with a molded plywood shell, Theo has a smaller footprint and can serve as a lounge chair, as well as work as a desk or conference chair in the smaller landscape of today’s offices. Extremely well crafted, Theo’s "Active Lounge" keeps pace with fast-moving workdays.



Placed in sprawling landscapes, away from designated work areas, Theo offers an irresistible landing spot. Mix one, two, or more with soft seating for a secondary workspace or casual meeting area. Deceivingly efficient, Theo offers a large-scale look with a small-scale footprint.




Inspired by iconic, mid-century design, Theo is an instant classic for any setting. With glides under its 4-star base, this lounge chair swivels 360 degrees and comes with a knee-tilt control for personalized comfort. Circled in a reception area, Theo greets guests with rich veneers, highly polished aluminum, and a handsome, sturdy demeanor


Enhanced by casters, pneumatic height-adjustment, and a standard tilt feature, Theo’s “Active Lounge” keeps pace with fast-moving workdays. At one’s desk or around a conference table, casters blend the ease of mobility with another dimension of mid-century appeal.

See Inside: Memphis Teacher Residency

We recently wrapped an exciting new project with Memphis Teacher Residency (MTR) in the new Crosstown Concourse building in Midtown Memphis, Tennessee. 

The project consisted of 19,742 square feet of 4 classrooms, a library, 23 offices, 5 meeting rooms, a teacher lounge, a staff workroom, and several collaboration areas for the 297 teachers that are served through the organization. MTR, which serves 38 schools in six neighborhoods, needed a space that was not only visually appealing, but also functional for the  organization's unique needs. 

Larry Ray Reed

Larry Ray Reed

We sat down with Larry Ray Reed, the Director of Operations & Finance for MTR, to recap his experience with Office Interiors.

Q: What was the main goal when first considering your office furniture strategy? 

A: We wanted our furniture to fit the modern vibe of our space but to also be somewhat timeless.  We didn’t want to look at our furniture in a few years and say “that was so 2017.”  

Q: Were there any trends you knew you wanted to include or avoid? 

A: I should’ve kept a tally board of how many of our staff made it a point to request standing desks.  When we realized that height-adjustable desks were an economical option, we knew we wanted to give this feature to our staff.

Q: Why did you select HON and OFS products?  

A: The brands we chose were really because of Nancy’s recommendation.  I was, however, already a huge fan of HON so I was excited when their products were a part of the proposal.  

Q: What was the easiest part of the office furniture procurement process?  

A: The bid materials they provided to me were top-notch (and far better than what we received as a part of other bids).  The color-coded floor plan and presentation slides made sharing with my colleagues very easy.

Q: Why did you choose Office Interiors? 

A: We got bids from three different companies.  Office Interiors had the quickest turnaround after each meeting and honestly seemed like they wanted to work for our business.  Nancy was super-easy to work with.  I had confidence that she was trying to get us the best deal possible, that she wanted our selections to be as beautiful as they were functional, and that she wanted us to be fully happy. 

Q: Would you recommend a colleague use Office Interiors?  

A: Yes.  And I have.  So many people have walked through our space and commented specifically on our furniture.  I’ve been told over and over again that we have the most comfortable classroom chairs ever.  Our staff and professors love the versatility of our classroom furniture, and you never know just how you might find a room setup.

The Transition from Closed Offices to Open Plan

Moving out of closed offices into open plan is one of the more difficult workplace changes to make, since it often also has political and emotional issues tied to it.

Managing that change will require addressing three aspects: the personal concern for status and territory, issues of control over noise and disruption, and satisfying functional requirements. Successful change will also depend on a communication plan that explains the reasoning, grounded in what desired behaviors the open plan will foster and what the workers will "get out of it," not just what the economic value will be to the organization.

One of our premier manufacturers, AllSteel, has unpacked three aspects to consider before making the transition: status, control, and function. 

See Inside: Pinnacle's new Memphis headquarters

We are thrilled to have provided the office furniture for the new Pinnacle headquarters, located at 949 S. Shady Grove Road. Our team worked collaboratively with Pinnacle leadership to assess the company's needs and create a solution that was both functional and aesthetically-pleasing. 

Call us today to see how we can help your business!

Megan Nichols l MBJ

Megan Nichols l MBJ

A special "THANK YOU" to our awesome manufacturers:


Two years after Nashville-based Pinnacle Financial Partners acquired Memphis-based Magna Bank via an $83.4 million transaction, the company is ready to debut its new Memphis division headquarters.

About 90 Pinnacle employees will occupy the space. 

In addition to offices, state-of-the-art audio/visual conference rooms and a computer lab, the Pinnacle space will include a bank branch for customers located on the bottom floor as well as drive-thru banking lanes and an ATM in the parking lot. 

Nashville-based Hastings Architecture Assoc. LLC handled the design for Pinnacle, and Memphis-based Linkous Construction Co. Inc. was the general contractor. 

Power On: IDEON's lounge lines allow you to plug in


Designed to work anywhere—so you can work everywhere. 

IDEON's popular Visit Modular® and Composium® lounge lines now offer flexible power modules so you can create convenient charging stations and collaborative work spaces wherever you need them.

Spill-proof and tamper-resistant, each factory-installed module is UL listed and features 1 AC outlet and dual USB ports. Offered in black or silver, they coordinate perfectly with our leg and feet options so designing a streamlined look is easy. And with a lead time promise no one in the industry can match, any Visit Modular and Composium configuration with power modules can be built to order in just 10 days.

All of the new power modules offer a 5-year warranty and can be retrofitted to any existing configuration. Contact us for more information!

Don’t Get Too Comfortable at That Desk

By STEVE LOHR at The New York Times

Renovated Microsoft offices have a variety of work spaces for employees. Left, a phone-booth-style room for privacy, and right, an isolation room. (Stuart Isett for The New York Times)

Renovated Microsoft offices have a variety of work spaces for employees. Left, a phone-booth-style room for privacy, and right, an isolation room. (Stuart Isett for The New York Times)

First there were individual offices. Then cubicles and open floor plans. Now, there is a “palette of places.”

New office designs are coming to a workplace near you, with layouts meant to cater to the variety of tasks required of modern white-collar workers.

Put another way, it means people don’t sit in just one place.

It’s partly a backlash against the one-size-fits-all mind-set, not to mention the corporate penny-pinching, embodied in the move toward pure open floor plans that packed more workers into less and less space. That idea was supposed to drive collaboration, but many experts agree it often went too far, with row upon row of desks and workbench-style seating more likely to generate ennui than efficiency.

“When used as a generic answer for work space design, it’s terrible,” said David Lathrop, a researcher at Steelcase, a big office furniture maker.

The new model is largely open, but not entirely. Under the revised thinking, breaking down walls to bring people together is good, but so are “team spaces” and standing tables, comfortable couches and movable walls.

6 health benefits of ergonomic chairs at work

by Shraddha Rupavate via

Sitting in the same position at work exerts pressure on your spine. Here's why you need a work-friendly chair.


Do you spend more than 6 hours at your work desk? Do you normally experience pain (in the back, shoulders and neck) at the end of the day after leaving from work? Maybe you need to change the chair you use at work.

‘When you work in the office, you’re bound to spend more time sitting in a chair. Forget office, sitting in same position for a long time anywhere is not good because it exerts excessive stress on your spine,’ says Dr Jahnavi Acharya, consultant physiotherapist at Revival Bone and Joint Hospital, Mumbai. An ergonomic chair is quite different from a traditional chair. It is specifically designed to provide complete rest to the main structures of your body that are prone to get stressed while working.

Click to reach six benefits of using ergonomic chairs at work, with inputs from Dr Jahnavi.

Product Feature: Mention by First Office

First Office Mention Series of products is an affordable simple, modern lounge with a slender profile for an inviting aesthetic ideal for third spaces, private office and public places. Transitional styling with muted design touches, such as contrasting fabrics, presents a choice to blend in or stand out in a variety of environments.

See more at:

Meet Our Clients: Lab Express

We are thrilled to share a recently completed project with you! In concert with the masterminds at UrbanARCH, our team at Office Interiors created a beautiful, functional workspace space for our client, Lab Express. We listened to the client's needs and worked collaboratively with our colleagues at UrbanARCH to turn their vision into a reality. 

Take a look at a few of the elements of the beautifully-designed office space.

Laboratory Express is a specialized courier service structured specifically for the laboratory industry. They realize efficiently transporting specimens from client sites to specified Laboratory sites is necessary for you to compete today. 

Laboratory Express, as a service company, depends on reliable and efficient service for our success. They are proud of their reputation for putting the customer first in every aspect of their operations. These attributes will provide growth and success for your company as well as Laboratory Express as partners in this highly competitive industry.


View their website at:

Office air conditioning is too cold, women think, and science says they're right

by Scott Stump via

To all the women bundled in sweaters and blankets in your office air conditioning even though it's 100 degrees outside: A recent study says that it's not all in your head. It really IS cold.

As many women bundle up against the arctic air conditioning, their male counterparts one cubicle over have no idea what all the fuss is about. It turns out that science says the office A/C may be biased toward temperatures that more comfortable for men — thanks to a formula from more than 50 years ago.

Shocking level of dissatisfaction amongst workplace occupants, finds Leesman

by Sara Bean via

There is a shocking level of dissatisfaction among the workforce according to a new global report from Leesman, which looks at how a poorly planned workplace can have a negative impact on employees, and inhibit their ability to perform. The findings show that while employers continue to face economic uncertainty, many of their employees are having to endure workplaces that fail to support their basic working day, obstructing their ability to positively contribute to business success.

The report points to five key areas that organizations need to focus on. Click the link to see how you can improve. 

9 Ideas Shaping The Future Of Design, According To Ideo, Microsoft, Autodesk, MIT, And More

"Designers have the crucial task of thinking about what our future will look like and how we will interact with it"


BY DIANA BUDDS via Co.Design

The world is changing faster than ever–socially, technologically, environmentally, politically, and economically. In the midst of these shifts, designers have the crucial task of thinking about what our future will look like and how we will interact with it.

Co.Design asked a handful of the 2017 Innovation By Design Award recipients and honorees working in technology, branding, experience design, architecture, urbanism, product design, and industrial design about the ideas that will impact the industry the most in the next few years. Of primary concern to many individuals? If the current trajectory of design will lead us to a better world or plunge us deeper into our pool of problems, redefining what “better” means, and taking a closer look at who is benefiting from design

5 Creative Ways to Use Laminate Flooring on Walls


Although this article mainly addresses how to use laminate as a wall covering in the home, we love the transfer of application to a commercial space. Whether warming up your lobby or reception area, adding a little something extra to your bathrooms, or creating a feature wall for your organization's awards, the possibilities are endless. Check out more ideas below.

by Tim Rasmussen at Creative Home by Mohawk Flooring

The most popular trend in laminate flooring has nothing to do with your floors. More and more, everyone from DIYers to high-end designers are installing laminate flooring on walls. That’s right—walls.

If you’re suddenly having flashbacks to your grandmother’s laminate wood-paneled walls, hold on a second. A lot has changed in the flooring industry since grandma’s day! For one thing, laminate visuals are more realistic than ever. Mohawk has many laminate designs that hit all the trends and can fit any style—traditional, weathered wood, multi-width planks, high-contrast variations and muted neutrals, just to name a few.

Stylistically, there have never been more options in laminate than there are right now. It looks real and even feels real. Go for a vintage look with a textured plank, or opt for the sleek modernism of smooth laminate.

Laminate flooring has come such a long way. It’s easy to install, affordable, strong, durable and easy to clean. These are qualities you want whether the laminate lives on your floor or on your walls. Keep reading for five creative ways you can make a big style statement in your home with a little effort and some Mohawk laminate flooring.

Introducing Narrate by Kimball


An Expressive, Flexible, Open Plan Design System

Screenshot 2017-09-07 11.12.47.png

Narrate epitomizes the future of adaptable, modern design. With a crisp, clean aesthetic, Narrate offers a streamlined framework that allows you to tell your brand story throughout the workplace landscape. Narrate provides designers with the ability to maximize flexibility, while bringing together a wide range of complementary components and products – while never compromising design. 

5 Good Reasons To Get Up, Stand Up — Now

Stand Up.jpg

by Shelby Lorman at Thrive Global

It’s time to break up with your chair.

It’s easy to burrow into your desk chair and stay put without budging, but mounting evidence suggests that sitting for extended periods of time — like all day, for example — can have negative effects on our bodies and minds. A Scientific American article, published in 2014, laid it out with no holds barred: “sitters have a 50 percent greater likelihood of dying.”

Click below to read findings from five other studies that will convince you to stand up.

3 Office Design Trends Driven By Millennials

Source: Pexels

Source: Pexels

As every other generation has done, millennials take pride in marching to a different kind of beat and wearing different kinds of clothes. Also, it turns out millennials have had an outsized influence on interior design — particularly in the workplace.

We all know the very idea of work is undergoing some fundamental changes right now, changes that seem to include a greater awareness of how an environment’s physical design, including its décor, influences the state of mind of the people who live and work there.

Thanks to an array of studies and surveys, we know design really does have a profound effect on our state of mind. When professionals on LinkedIn responded to a CanvasPop survey, an impressive 77% claimed art makes them feel happier, 74% said it inspired them and 27% indicated pleasing décor improved their productivity.

So let’s get more specific. What kinds of design trends are millennials bringing to the table?

Product Feature: Kimball's LEARN

An interactive space like you see above frees instructors and students to move beyond the passive learning style of conventional classrooms toward a dynamic, interactive style that teaches the collaborative skills employers value. As the classroom of the future, Kimball's learning model encourages instructors to actively mentor and advise students during their group collaboration. Sliding whiteboards, writable table surfaces and multiple monitors create spaces to share ideas and provide optimal viewing for any position in a classroom configuration.

What will the office look like in 10 years? 6 experts predict the future

By Emily Wright, The Spaces via CNNSTYLE

What will we see more of — and what will we see less of?

We will see more flexibility of space usage. For example, building cafeterias that were only used during breakfast and lunch hours in the past will serve as collaborative work spaces and meeting rooms. Open space offices will be divisible at the click of a button. We will see fewer long-term leases. While businesses will still require and benefit from co-locating their employees, they will want more flexibility to add and subtract space as their needs evolve.
— Tamara Brisk, managing director of Wiredscore France

It happens every few years: a seismic shift in the way we live our lives fuels a change in human behavior so significant, it blows the concept of the office as we know it out of the water.

Modern technology is no exception. Fast becoming the catalyst behind one of the biggest shake-ups the office has ever seen -- from design to location and from sustainability to well-being -- it is the shift of our generation. And hard though it may be to believe that robotic security guards and app-controlled meeting rooms are just the beginning, there is still a long way to go.

So what might the workplace of the future look like? We asked six office-space experts from around the world to hazard a guess as to where, and how, we will all be working in 10 years from now.

What will the office look like in 10 years’ time?
Dan Harvey: We’re already starting to see a push-back on some of the tech and the elimination of privacy. So a departure from open-plan as a blanket design default and a move back to some private offices. Collaboration is great but there is an emerging feeling that without a choice, people are sometimes finding it challenging to get stuff done. So through that push for a productive workforce, future offices may become more private again.
— Dan Harvey, vice chairman of the Bay Area Occupier Services group for CBRE

Contract Consulting Group Shares Top Trends from NeoCon 2017

It’s clear that contract furniture is embracing ‘business casual’ a look at trends that stood out at NeoCon2017.
— Amanda Schneider

As the “main event” of the industry, NeoCon gives us a glimpse of emerging and evolving trends each year. Contract Consulting Group (CCG), a research-led strategy firm focused exclusively on the contract interiors market, pooled perspectives from an expanding base of talented industry consultants to bring you this summary of top trends at NeoCon 2017. Dubbing ourselves life-long students of the industry, each project, blog post and conversation fuels our insatiable curiosity to learn more and feeds our unique perspective on leading trends. This common passion naturally draws other like-minded talent, and puts the “group” in Contract Consulting.