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2017 marked a year of growth and maturity for the flexible workspace industry. We saw operators grow in existing and new markets, we saw greater consolidation, and we saw flexible workspaces become more widely adopted by businesses of all sizes. This will continue throughout 2018, but at a much larger scale.

8 Ways to Reduce Noise in Your Workplace

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Many employees find that a lively, open-office workplace brimming with the sounds of enthusiastic colleagues working together makes for a positive, invigorating place to collaborate on work projects. Yet others strenuously disagree; they find that unwanted office noise interferes with their ability to get productive work done. What to do?

See Our Work: Germantown Athletic Club (GAC)

We recently completed work at the renovated Germantown Athletic Club, a full-service fitness facility located in one of the most desirable communities in the MidSouth.  

As part of GAC's 3 to 4 year renovation, the facility recently renovated the upstairs lobby area, to include an improved lounge area, customer service desk, conference space, and offices. Our Office Interiors team worked closely with the GAC staff and architect to design the space, select the products, order and install to perfection.

The space has already been received well by the community's "Coffee Club" that meets in the lounge space regularly. 


Established in 1990, the Club was initially designed as a community center offering arts and crafts classes, sports leagues and fee based programs with very little emphasis on fitness. Time passes and trends change drastically which led us to the onset of this astounding renovation.

Germantown Athletic Club is located in the heart of Germantown neighboring the Germantown Performing Arts Center, The Great Hall & Conference Center and Municipal Park. The Club’s variety of amenities and services attracts fitness enthusiasts of all types. Mix fitness with pleasure with any of our group fitness classes, indoor and outdoor pools, the very latest in cardio and strength training equipment and so much more.

GAC is more than a facility with treadmills, kettlebells and pools. Germantown Athletic Club is a place where fitness journeys are made, friendships are cultivated and personal limits are exceeded. They are not one thing to one group, yet they are many things to a variety of people. Whether it’s Coffee Club, a Dive In Movie, our Annual Chill & Grill or a simple 30-minute date with the rowing machine, you will call Germantown Athletic Club your new home away from home.


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 Image via Deathtostock.com

Image via Deathtostock.com

A seismic change is about to hit the workplace. No, it’s not an earthquake, but it will shake facilities nationwide. While Millennials at work continue to make noise and generate headlines, quietly falling under the radar is the fact that Generation Z—those born between 1994 and 2010—is now the largest portion of the U.S. population, edging out Millennials 26 percent to 24.5 percent. 

12 awesome offices reveal what work will look like in the future

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 Image courtesy of WeWork

Image courtesy of WeWork

If your vision for the future workplace is a drab, cold warehouse sparsely dotted with drone employees, think again. Over the next decade and beyond, workplaces will be geared more towards the needs of its employees, which will mean a diverse mix of spaces, furniture, and amenities, experts say.

See Our Work: Pinnacle Financial Partners

More about Pinnacle Financial Partners

To be the best financial services firm and the best place to work in Tennessee.

Pinnacle Financial Partners will:

  • Provide distinctive financial service and effective advice to clients
  • Enrich associates personally, professionally and financially
  • Make a significant positive impact on the community
  • Create outstanding long-term value for shareholders

Actions count – not what's on paper. Pinnacle is a values-driven organization. From our hiring philosophy to our client service, our goal is to demonstrate our values in every interaction.

  • Integrity
  • Fairness
  • Learning
  • Partnership
  • Results
  • Balance
  • Discipline

The Pinnacle approach is a very people-centric one. It takes an unwavering focus and commitment of leadership to make it work. The same five key business strategies Pinnacle has employed since inception shape our focus today:

  • Focus on businesses, real estate professionals and consumers that desire a deep relationship with their financial partner.
  • Provide distinctive service and effective advice.
  • Hire and retain highly experienced and qualified financial services professionals.
  • Offer a full line of financial services including banking, investments, mortgage, trust, insurance and financial planning.
  • Offer extraordinary convenience.

"We believe so strongly in this foundation that 100 percent of our associates go through a three-day orientation to enable them to understand and adopt our mission, vision and values. Conducted by me and others on our Leadership Team, the orientation builds teamwork, provides a clear sense of the Pinnacle culture and ensures we all share the same goal."

Terry Turner
President and CEO
Pinnacle Financial Partners

Reinventing the Workspace: HP Is Looking Toward the Office of the Future

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An office’s atmosphere influences the way its inhabitants feel, think, act, create and collaborate. To keep up with shifting employee needs, companies must assess their current workspaces and make the changes necessary to keep pace with the rest of the world.

Shift the Experience

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Considering how many hours or days, visitors spend in environments where you wait, Kimball Health looked at a new approach to rethink the built environment around waiting. Instead of providing a typical space to wait; the approach was to foster conversation, create adaptability and flexibility in an environment, enhance a sense of privacy when necessary and mostly provide a space that offers the comfort and amenities that put patients and families first. 

The latest perk from companies looking to lure millennials: offices that double as homes by Jennifer Brown via Quartz

by Jennifer Brown via Quartz

 image by Reuters/Punit Paranjpe

image by Reuters/Punit Paranjpe

Architects and designers are being charged to create offices with relaxed vibes in mind in the hope that it will blur the distinction between home and office, making the latter a more appealing place for employees to spend time with colleagues.