3 ways to incorporate flexible working into your company culture

by Elizabeth Basten via Hudson

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Flexible working is not a new concept, but it is often accompanied by the preconception that this arrangement is purely for working parents rushing in from the chaos of the school run. Organisations in today’s new world of work are increasingly embracing a flexible, supportive environment that provides employees from all backgrounds with the opportunity to make meaningful improvements to their work-life balance.

HON Chair Chooser

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Your office chair is your most important workplace relationship. No matter where or how you work, HON has the perfect chair to support you. From the workstation to the conference room. The breakroom to the reception area. HON chairs help everyone find more comfort, productivity and happiness. Day in and day out. HON has a helpful interactive tool to help you choose your next office chair, the ChairChooser!

The Science Of Happiness, In Four Simple Work Habits

by JUDITH HUMPHREY via FastCompany

 image courtesy of Andi Rieger/Unsplash

image courtesy of Andi Rieger/Unsplash

According to Dr. Emiliana Simon-Thomas, a happiness researcher at UC Berkeley, where she teaches a popular edX course called “The Science of Happiness” and serves as Director of the university’s Greater Good Science Center, we’re all capable of making ourselves happier at work–we just have to, well, work at it.


by Ed Bonner via interiors+sources

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Resimercial design can be useful in helping work settings support how today’s employees operate and in reflecting a company’s culture. American offices no longer need to be defined by cubicles for workers, private offices for managers and executives, and conference rooms for meetings or brainstorms. The Resimercial approach can incorporate various degrees of public, private, and collaborative spaces.

SurveyMonkey designs HQ with everything its employees could ask for — because they did

by Nerissa Pacio Itchon via San Francisco Chronicle 

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Unlike other tech firms, the modern 200,000-square-foot interior that houses 400 of its 700 global employees was designed almost entirely using employee survey feedback. Every detail, from the office chairs and wood finishes to the unconventional conference-room names and the height of the restroom stall dividers, says Porter, were gleaned from surveys.

5 Office Design Trends for 2018 We're Excited to See

by Jeff Pochepan via Inc.

 image courtesy of Scott Webb/Unsplash

image courtesy of Scott Webb/Unsplash

From recreating the comforts of home to virtual reality advancements, five key trends poised to take off in the modern workplace next year. The theme for 2018 office design is "vitality:" taking the office space beyond being a place we simply tolerate to becoming a place where we feel re-energized and full of possibility.

6 office improvements to promote employee mental health in 2018

by Matt Ferstler via HR Dive

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Efforts to reap the benefits of the cubicle farm and the open office floor plan without the downsides mean that 2018 will be the year that employers attempt to find balance when it comes to office space. To do so, they'll likely focus on a few other key areas to improve employee productivity, creativity and mental health.

Humanscale M/Connect 2 updates split-level dock with 5K monitor support, USB-C charging

by Malcolm Owen via AppleInsider

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Ergonomic design firm Humanscale has updated one of its compact docks for the workplace, with the M/Connect 2 retaining the split docking station design while introducing USB-C charging and enabling the connection of higher-resolution monitors to the accessory. 


by Priyansha Mistry via The HR Digest

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According to Haworth’s research, companies need to provide different spaces to foster innovation at work. Offices tend to promote only one kind of work – they are either, open and collaborative, or they’re highly segmented. Modern workplace design is all about finding the right balance between these two types of spaces.

Making Your Office Inconvenient For Employees Can Have These Surprising Positive Effects

by Jeff Pochepan via Inc.

 Image by Getty Images

Image by Getty Images

We're at an interesting crossroads in office design where many companies are looking for solutions that will help them work better. Some companies are designing their offices in order to work harder, faster, and automate or streamline everything for convenience. Others are taking a different approach, one which will allow them to work slower and with more intention. Does this seem counterintuitive? In our day and age, probably. 


by Cecilia Amador via Allwork

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2017 marked a year of growth and maturity for the flexible workspace industry. We saw operators grow in existing and new markets, we saw greater consolidation, and we saw flexible workspaces become more widely adopted by businesses of all sizes. This will continue throughout 2018, but at a much larger scale.

8 Ways to Reduce Noise in Your Workplace

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Many employees find that a lively, open-office workplace brimming with the sounds of enthusiastic colleagues working together makes for a positive, invigorating place to collaborate on work projects. Yet others strenuously disagree; they find that unwanted office noise interferes with their ability to get productive work done. What to do?