Office Of The Future Could Look A Lot Like A College Campus

A NeoCon visitor tries out different ways to sit on the Ruckus chair. [DNAinfo/Kayla Martinez]

A NeoCon visitor tries out different ways to sit on the Ruckus chair. [DNAinfo/Kayla Martinez]

Research done on college campuses by the manufacturer KI showed that students "don't necessarily sit in a proper way," said Jonathan Webb, vice president of workplace strategy at KI.

"Creating space for interaction is the main priority," said Webb.

For that, DIY styles are in with the "MyPlace Collection," where you can arrange and rearrange pieces of lounge furniture for the best interactive experience.

We proudly provide a variety of collaborative furniture solutions for our clients. Check out some of the industries we serve or email us to find out how we can help your office make the most of your budget with transitional pieces!

Product Feature: OFS Brand's Heya

In Japanese, Heya means “small room.” Designer Roger Webb created Heya to form smaller spaces within an environment. For individuals, Heya creates a place for people to escape, think, and breathe. For groups, Heya creates a place for people to closely collaborate and connect. Heya’s comfort and visual softness allow these small rooms to blend seamlessly into the office, while still providing the closeness and privacy people need to really focus.

How to get employees to show up to work

Did you know employees sitting closer to windows are more likely to show up at work?

(via WorkDesign)

Image via Death to Stock.

Image via Death to Stock.

What makes you get up and go to work each day? According to the Question & Retain (Q&R) Happiness in the Workplace Pulse Check, 40 percent of us say the most important factor that makes us happy at work is feeling valued and supported; 19 percent of us get out of bed for the intellectual challenge work provides; and for 12 percent, the pay and benefits make that early alarm bell worthwhile.

However, it’s not just about the people, the job and the money; the data amassed by Leesman, the world’s largest independent assessor of workplace effectiveness, suggests that the physical work environment also plays a part in boosting overall employee satisfaction levels. Having surveyed 250,000 employees worldwide, 85.1 percent state that the design of the workplace is important; yet only 56.7 percent of people feel the design of their workplace enables them to work productively.

A key workplace failure is the appropriate provision of natural light. Of the quarter of a million employees in 69 countries surveyed by Leesman’s workplace benchmarking tool, 75.8 percent state that natural light is important to them, yet only 56.9 percent are satisfied with the offering in their workplace. Meanwhile, research over the past few years from the International WELL Building Institute, Human Spaces, and the World Green Building Council has all demonstrated the importance of natural light in employee engagement and productivity.

Product Feature: HON's Coordinate Height Adjustable Base

Coordinate_Height Adjustable Base_10500_Private Office 2.jpg

A Healthier Way to Work

Achieve the exact worksurface height you desire with HON Coordinate Height Adjustable Base. Supporting the increasing popularity of sit-to-stand workstations and tables is becoming a crucial element of today's organizations. HON Coordinate Height Adjustable Base automatically adjusts to the desired height without putting strain on the user. The base includes a motor-activated lift that attaches to any HON worksurface between 48"W and 72"W, putting the user in the control of their environment.

Expanding Your Workspace Possibilities

All Coordinate bases are a three-stage design, with both two and three-leg models available to adapt to different work styles. Whether it’s an open plan, private office or training, these bases adapt to any workspace layout or need. 

Each base can be quickly and easily attached to a HON worksurface or retrofitted to many existing worksurfaces to give you instant sit-to-stand support. Plus, the motor and steel frame have met rigorous testing standards to ensure a high-performance workspace for years to come.

HumanScale offers solutions for Healthcare IT

Healthcare information technology is experiencing a sweeping transformation. 

Every new IT project taken on, whether during a new build, a renovation, or an IT upgrade, is an opportunity to enhance caregiver performance and avoid the pitfalls of interruptions in workflow and in care. 

There are a number of Humanscale Healthcare products and services designed to optimize communication between caregivers and patients. 

Humanscale offers an array of services in healthcare ergonomics. Their consultants help caregivers by developing and implementing cost-effective ergonomics programs and recommending which of their products fit your needs. 

HumanScale ensures that their workstations are designed with the utmost flexibility to fit all caregivers, move easily to patients, and provide the ability to conform to the needs of the interaction. Their ViewPoint Technology Wall Stations allow the computer to be mounted on the wall at the patient’s bedside while the caregiver sits or stands at the patient’s bedside. Their TouchPoint Mobile Technology Carts allow the caregiver to be mobile with their computer. Their products adjusts quickly and automatically to save caregivers time, reduce physical risks, and improve efficiencies of care. The easier something is to use, the more likely it is to be used.

Interested in learning more about how point-of-care technology can support your facility's technological needs? Download their white paper below.

Product Feature: AllSteel's "Beyond" Moveable Walls

The simple, efficient functionality of Beyond walls offers built-in flexibility that responds to the constant rhythm of business change. With a large selection of aesthetic choices, you can move beyond permanent drywall solutions and rigid space planning to create flexible workspaces that are ready to reconfigure and walls that are easy to relocate for whatever change the future brings.

3 Style Options:

  • Frameless
  • Framed 
  • Solid
Click the image to play the video

Click the image to play the video

Beyond Design Story

Beyond walls were designed to provide unlimited possibilities for creating spaces that are functional, flexible, and beautiful. Beyond moveable walls create a new vocabulary for change that puts you in control. And goes beyond simply moving walls

Inspirational office design: A way to retain millennials

by Laura Fries via Linked In

The pay-off will come with the ability to attract and retain top-notch talent. When your… more GETTY IMAGES (XAVIERARNAU)

The pay-off will come with the ability to attract and retain top-notch talent. When your… more


I was recently introduced to the idea of leveraging workplace design as a tool for retaining and recruiting millennial employees when my firm, Baker Tilly, remodeled our offices. Prior to the remodel, employees were surveyed on issues such as privacy, flexibility within a work station, need for social interaction and variety of work spaces. Synthesizing this information — from more than 200 employees — into viable recommendations would be a big job.

You may be asking yourself if it really makes sense to invest in an office renovation to attract and retain millennials. My answer to that is a resounding “yes!”

A recent survey by Steelcase, an office furniture manufacturer, found nearly 90 percent of workers are less than satisfied with their work environment. With the cost of replacing a millennial employee ranging between $15,000 to $20,000, according to Millennial Branding, and with more than one-in-three American workers being a Millennial, reevaluating your current office layout and amenities may provide real benefits.

Office Interiors to participate in Mayor’s ‘Just One Youth' program

City of Memphis Mayor Jim Strickland and the Memphis Office of Youth Services has asked the community to help provide jobs for youth this summer and Office Interiors is answering the call!

The new program, called JOY or ‘Just one Youth’ asks churches and businesses in the City of Memphis to commit, employ and compensate one child of their choice this summer for six weeks starting June 5th through July 17th. 

We will be giving real-life business experience to at least one youth in our community for the summer. We are excited to mentor a young person in this way and support this meaningful initiative. 

We hosted a representative from the Mayors Office of Youth Services on a recent appearance on Local Memphis Live.

We hosted a representative from the Mayors Office of Youth Services on a recent appearance on Local Memphis Live.

The Benefits of Living Green Walls

The Benefits of Living Green Walls

Living green walls are a surefire way to enhance a building’s visuals, improve air quality as well as employee alertness and energy levels. Over the past half century, a notable increase of urban-living seekers has led to a considerable uptick in air pollution and loss of green spaces. Living green walls (also commonly referred to as vertical gardens or living walls) are a wonderful solution for any property interested in improving their space with intrinsic benefits of nature.

Living green walls infuse the dull expanse of interiors with life-renewing greenery. They offer an inspirational and aesthetically intriguing natural boost to employee morale. Whether they are installed on the exterior or interior of a building, the structures of living, breathing plant life create the “wow factor” so many interior designers seek while championing sustainability.

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Brigitte Preston, principal of design and co-owner at lauckgroup, shares the three biggest office design trends she anticipates will dominate in 2017. From authenticity-centered design to the next iteration of workplace wellness to design that appeals to the greater good, here’s what the industry can expect to see next.


Office Interiors and AllSteel Host Designers and Brand Developers

Together with AllSteel, we were honored to host Memphis' brightest and best Designers and Brand Developers in Memphis for a rooftop cocktail party at the historic Madison Hotel. Guests enjoyed cocktails and hors d'oeuvres as they met the new AllSteel rep for the Memphis Market, Amy Harter. Guests also visited with industry colleagues and got reacquainted with the Office Interiors team.

"We are excited to continue and grow our partnership with these firms," said Ryan Heimke, partner/president of Office Interiors. "As the pros in their field, they understand that an office space is an extension of their clients' brand and a reflection of the work they do. We share a mission to create an aesthetically appealing space that is both functional and on brand standard."

Special thanks to colleagues from UrbanArch, The Crump Firm, Methodist Healthcare, University of Memphis, Looney Ricks Kiss, Dream Catcher Hotels, Simple Focus and Farmhouse Marketing for attending the event.

We can't wait until the next one!


Meet Our Clients: Expeditors


Expeditors is a global logistics company headquartered in Seattle, Washington. As a Fortune 500 (390) company, we employ over 16,000 trained professionals in a worldwide network of over 250 locations across six continents. Expeditors satisfy the increasingly sophisticated needs of international trade through customized solutions and seamless, integrated information systems. Our services include air and ocean freight consolidation and forwarding, vendor consolidation, customs clearance, cargo insurance, distribution and other value-added logistics services.

At Expeditors, we pride ourselves on being a solutions-based organization and take the time to understand each customer's individual business needs. As a non-asset based organization, we have considerable flexibility when managing customers' supply chains. Due to our relationships with local suppliers and global air and ocean partners, we can provide customers with the best routing and pricing options. Our comprehensive, flexible spectrum of services is supported by leading-edge information technology that provides a high level of visibility from end to end.

To maintain consistent quality and customer service across the globe, Expeditors has regional headquarters located in London, Dubai, Shanghai, and Singapore.

At Expeditors, our industry professionals, award winning processes, and globally unified systems ensure that we always live up to our promise, "You'd be surprised how far we'll go for you."


Product Spotlight: Monitor Arms

With more people working off flat-panel monitors than ever before, a flexible, strong and adjustable monitor arm is an essential tool in the modern office. Here are a few of our best-sellers.

AllSteel's ZW8 Series Monitor Arm

The ZW8 Series monitor arms from AllSteel provide versatile adjustability with a refined design. This monitor arm offers a slim profile when in the folded position, making it ideal for workstations with a shallow worksurface depth. ZW8 monitor arms offer multiple points of adjustment, including 360° swivel at two points with a gas spring technology that provides smooth and effortless movement. With the flexibility to customize the depth, height, tilt, and lateral placement of the monitor, individuals can ease neck, eye, and shoulder strain for optimum comfort and improved ergonomics.

This series also includes single- and dual-monitor configurations, heavy-duty monitor arms for heavy monitor support, adjustable laptop tray for space efficiency, and a tool tile and rail mount.


HumanScale's M2 Monitor Arm

Humanscale’s range of robust monitor arms offers ultimate stability, sleek design and effortless functionality. They instantly create a more dynamic and comfortable workstation. 

The M2 embodies what a monitor arm should be, allowing the user to work in a healthy posture by setting the monitor at an optimal distance and height. Collaboration is made easier through effortless screen sharing, and desk space is increased. The M2’s seamless cable management and minimal design enhances the look of any workstation.

This is a sample selection of the monitor arms that are available through Office Interiors. Please contact us for a complete listing and recommendation for your specific needs.

Collaborative Space or Private Offices?

Q. Should we design a collaborative space or private offices?

A. Both. Let us tell you why

via AllSteel

Whether it’s brainstorming an idea or developing a plan for a new product launch, the average knowledge worker spends roughly half of his or her time working with others. Data collected by Harvard Business Review over the last two decades indicates that collaboration time for managers and employees has expanded by upwards of 50%. The challenge for organizations is to provide environments that provide the team space, technology, and work protocols their employees need to collaborate – without losing site of the still-very-relevant requirement for spaces that support deep focus. 

This white paper from AllSteel reinforces the logic behind why it’s important to create collaborative spaces, as well as spaces that allow for focus and concentration. It also includes a “checklist” of considerations when planning, provisioning, and using non-workstation/non-office spaces.

Conversation With…Ryan Heimke of Office Interiors

via Memphis Business Journal

Ryan Heimke worked in various corporate medical sales and management roles throughout his professional career. He owns several small businesses in Memphis, and in August 2016, Heimke joined Office Interiors as a partner and serves as president of the company.

First job: I worked as a corporate recruiter in Arizona after graduation from the University of Kentucky. It was a fantastic experience because it taught me how to “dial for dollars.”

Education: B.S., Business/Corporate Communications, University of Kentucky

Business philosophy: The best team wins. As a leader, it’s critical to support, encourage and prioritize your staff’s needs before your own in order to foster a loyal and unbeatable team.

Best way to keep competitive edge: We place the highest value on customer service. We recognize that while we certainly have growth goals, providing personalized service to our current customers helps us keep our competitive advantage and build loyalty.

Ryan Heimke, Partner and president, Office Interiors  HUNTER SAMPLE

Ryan Heimke, Partner and president, Office Interiors 


Meet our clients: EdR


A national leader in collegiate housing since 1964, EdR has built a reputation for creative thinking, innovative financing and design, quality construction, sustainable building techniques and successful management programs for others’ properties as well as their own. EdR serves universities and third-party owners through its primary service lines: Development and Financing Construction Oversight Management and Residence Life Whether on- or off-campus, the EdR team has done it all.

  • On-campus developments and renovations
  • On-campus total housing replacement/revitalization projects
  • Off-campus acquisitions
  • Off-campus developments
  • Third-party development projects
  • Joint-venture partnerships and projects
  • Living-Learning communities
  • Mixed-use retail components


EdR’s portfolio features a variety of communities at our nation’s top universities. Each community — whether on-campus or off-campus — was designed to uniquely fit the personality, setting and needs of each university and its intended residents.


With nearly 50 years’ experience in collegiate housing, EdR is committed to a partnership with its university clients. Their experienced team works in close collaboration with you to align our goals in every aspect of the project. They give you their financial, construction, design and management expertise to help ensure that your collegiate housing vision is realized and successful.


EdR has had successful partnerships with other developers to create or finance projects across the United States. They have entered into joint venture agreements to provide financing and construction oversight assistance.


As an experienced public company with a successful track record, they have the capacity to finance on-campus or off-campus developments, and acquisitions with its own equity or via loans with lending institutions. They primarily provide financing through three different packages — EdR’s On Campus Equity Plan or ONE PlanSM, The ONE Plan PLUSSM or traditional tax-exempt bond financing. They are also known to be innovative with mezzanine loans, for example, and have received awards for their creative financing efforts and packages.


EdR is a consistent and frequent buyer of purpose-built collegiate housing communities. They offer the seller fast and reliable offers and payment, timely follow-through and execution, and focused transaction management.


From a 22-story upscale, urban apartment building at Johns Hopkins Medical Institute to a community of individual cottages just off the University of Mississippi campus, or a freshmen-dedicated living-learning center in California or graduate student/faculty apartments with mixed-use retail at the University of Connecticut, the EdR team has what it takes to get the job done. Interior Design is a new addition to its Construction Oversight team. Focused on student housing, they research opportunities based on trends, market innovations and long-term financial viability.


EdR offers a full-service interior design team, no matter the project size. They’ve designed projects both on-campus and off-campus and each are unique to each university’s requirements and personalities. With a focus specifically based on student housing, they research the latest trends, market innovations and long-term financial viability.


EdR is committed to staying at the forefront of the effort to protect the environment, serving their collegiate partners and saving energy dollars through efficient building products, methods and systems. EdR views green design and building as both a responsibility and an opportunity. Our experience has shown that, when properly designed and executed, sustainable practices and features make long‐term economic sense for all stakeholders.

View Our Work: Pimentos

We were thrilled to work with Deb Ross (RossWitt Architecture and Interior Design) and the Pimentos team on their brand new location in Memphis. Deb's amazing vision and talent made working together so easy. We partnered with Deb on the restaurant's unique table and chairs, which work perfectly with her design. Go check them out and try some of their jalapeño pimento cheese!