A Guide to Reducing Unneeded Distractions and Time-Sucks so You Can Be More Productive

by Lydia Belanger via Entrepreneur

 image courtesy of Hinterhaus Productions, Getty Images

image courtesy of Hinterhaus Productions, Getty Images

Productivity is a combination of sacrifice and discipline. But our smartphones and various other devices make it especially tough to turn off all of the distractions in our lives.

Manufacture Spotlight: HON furniture

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Office Interiors is a proud supplier of HON office furniture. From the break room to the boardroom, HON designs and manufactures a variety of Business Office Furniture including; durable desks, file cabinets, chairs, workstations and other office solutions that answers your every need.

The #1 Office Perk? Natural Light

by Jeanne C. Meister via Harvard Business Review

 image courtesy of WONG/UNSPLASH

image courtesy of WONG/UNSPLASH

The news headlines about what perks or elements of office design make for a great employee experience seem to be dominated by fads — think treadmill desks, nap pods, and “bring your dog to work day” for starters. However, a new survey reveals the reality is that employees crave something far more fundamental and essential to human needs.

HON: Sustainability Every Day we make a Smaller Impact

via HON

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It all started in 1947 when HON began making card files from pieces of scrap metal generated from its contract business. Today, we closely examine every step in the product life cycle to uncover ways to minimize our footprint. This starts with designing and manufacturing products that incorporate recycled content. But it doesn't stop there.

Worker Effectiveness and the Role of Place

By Jan Johnson via AllSteel

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Many people have recognized the power our workplaces hold over our daily actions and interactions, and perceptions about our work. However, it is not broadly understood how our workplaces shape our behavior and what these insights might mean for knowledge worker performance. An expansive approach to the workplace is required to go beyond what is physically known, to the science behind the factors that influence our everyday experiences.

Change Management

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It is human nature to resist change – fear of the unknown generally insights stress and causes us to imagine negative outcomes. No matter the scale, this occurs with change in the workplace as well. A Change Management Program that engages employees early in the project, outlines why the change is happening, how it will benefit them and the organization, and defines the support that will be provided can mitigate most of the resistance ensuring the outcomes are more successful.

How The Physical Environment Impacts Employee Experience

by Jacob Morgan via INC

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The right physical workspace can help us feel more creative, engaged, and connected to the company we work for.  It comprises 30% of the employee experience. It's no secret why our physical space matters: we all want to spend our workdays in environments that energize and inspire us. Great physical environments act as positive symbols and representations; poor physical spaces act as negative ones. 

The Importance of Movement in the Workplace

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Today’s office workers have the tendency and ability to be more sedentary than ever before thanks, in part, to advancements in technology, transportation, and entertainment. Research studies calling attention to the negative health implications of prolonged seated postures are simultaneously timely and terrifying.