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Pulse offers the perfect space planning experience. A modular interface allows you to custom fit the right furniture for your space. Easily wrap a room for multiple work areas and keep a light and airy footprint. Use Pulse's modularity and vast color palette to brand your company's culture or highlight individual departments.

Organization and Storage by Allsteel Radii

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Radii by Allsteel is a new generation of metal storage pedestals, undermounts, and work accessories designed to accommodate more personal items and less paper. Radii addresses the need to stow, rather than store, in a compact, space-efficient design that allows workers to stay productive and connected to their work.

Meet LeanTo: OFS's newest seating option designed for focus and escape

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Seek shelter from the norm.

Every building has those spaces that people are drawn to for escape. Some are intentional through architecture, while others are more natural and based on flow and activity or the lack of it. Nooks, alcoves, corridors, and stairs often present an escape and that’s exactly what LeanTo is designed to achieve.

See Our Work: Methodist's Shorb Tower

We are excited to show off our latest project with our long-standing client, Methodist Healthcare. We recently completed work on the organization’s Shorb Tower, a $275 million project of more than 500,000 square feet.

For this project we provided products for public use areas such as waiting rooms, lobbies, cafes and consult rooms, as well as conference rooms, office spaces and training rooms for Methodist Associates. The end result is both aesthetically pleasing, durable and functional, which all play a vital role in the overall patient experience.

Products for this project came from some of our favorite manufacturers:

As with most of our client’s projects, we assisted with all aspects of Methodist’s experience, from product and fabric selections to ordering, delivery and installation. We enjoy being a “one stop shop” for our clients; it streamlines their communications and allows us to work most efficiently.

Thank you, Methodist, for our continued partnership! We look forward to the good work you will do in and through the new Shorb Tower!